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Are you looking for new ideas to spend Spring on Lake

Garda? Take some time and experience your relaxation with personalized care and wellness programs at a special price.

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Ceylon Treatment Experience

The temple caves of ancient Ceylon smell of flowers, herbs and incense that have been burning for centuries. But the slightly more hidden caves carry a warmer scent of shea nuts, sandalwood and patchouli. We have combined these scents with fruit blossoms and jasmine that will take you to authentic Ceylon to give you an authentic beauty SPA Ceylon Experience

Uyuni Treatment Experience

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The high salt plains of Bolivia smell fresh but salty. We translated this scent with invigorating top notes of eucalyptus and white mint, with a hint of lime. Lavender, iris and various woody nuances create a surprising combination of warmth and freshness that brings you into the evocative atmosphere of the Salar de Uyuni embracing beauty SPA Uyuni Experience

Shinshiro Treatment Experience

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The hilly region of Shinshiro is known for its many rice terraces. A few times a year the rice fields are in bloom and the small white flowers fill the air with a sweet vanilla scent. We have used tonka beans as a base note, supplemented with sweet, fresh aromas such as ylang ylang, rose and white lily to bring to life in these treatments

the overwhelming scent of small rice flowers from Japan to make you experience

the emotion of beauty SPA Shinshiro Experience...

Mahayana Treatment experience

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Once a year, the Himalayan valleys are in bloom for just one week. The small purple flowers spread a sweet spring scent. We have translated this fragrance with, among other things, the scent of lilac hyacinths and the spicy nuances of musk and sandalwood, reflecting the mystical spring scent of Bhutan.

come experience these aromas by immersing yourself in the Mahayana Experience beauty SPA.....

BeauTEEN Mahayana Experience

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(special UNDER 18 years) Wellness program


Once a year, go somewhere you've never been before... beauty SPA Manayana Teen Experience....


(special UNDER 18 years)

Wellness path offer with


1 Relaxing back massage

1 Hydro-massage bath in the BeauTEEN special imperial tub

1 access to the Salt Grotto


Access to the wellness area is NOT permitted.


OFFER Euro 60,00 per person